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By Late Ven. Narada Thera

Abhidhamma is the Higher Teaching of the Buddha. The Dhamma, embodied in the Sutta Pitaka, is conventional teaching, and Abhidhamma is the ultimate teaching. The Basic Abhidhamma Course aims to provide an overview of this ultimate teaching and helps the students to build a foundation to further explore this profound teaching of the Buddha.

PaliChanting Pali Chanting

Paritta Chanting or Sutta Chanting is a well-known Buddhist practice conducted all over the world, especially in Theravada Buddhist countries where the Pali language is used for recitals.

Chanting is a mindful process which aids us in focusing the mind, and establishing a sense of calmness. The teachings of The Buddha are imparted through chanting, serving as a reminder of Lord Buddha’s guidance as we follow the Buddhist path. Chanting also offers blessings and protections, to wish well upon ourselves, our dear and love ones, and to all beings.