Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple

30-C St Michael’s Road Singapore 328002
Tel: +65 6293 8490


About The Temple

Sri Lankaramaya Temple at St Michael’s Road is a peaceful sanctuary situated in the middle of major roads. Built in 1952, this is the oldest Sri Lankan Theravada Buddhist Temple in Singapore.

With a Stupa, a Bodhi Tree, Buddha images, and a Sima Hall, the temple is considered as a complete monastery under the Theravada tradition. Other key features of the temple include a 45-ft reclining Buddha statue and a life-like effigy of the King Devanampiyatissa showing his reverence to Arahat Mahinda depicting how Buddhism arrived in Sri Lanka.

The main buildings of the temple include a three-storey office and library block, and a two-storey building housing a hall, a main shrine, and a stupa at its rooftop. Open space filled with greenery between these white buildings makes the temple an oasis nested in the middle of modern high-rise condominiums.


How to get there

Nearest Bus Stop (bus stop B60161)

Buses: 13, 23, 26, 31, 64, 65, 66, 107, 125, 133, 147, TIBS 857, 985


Nearest MRT Station:

Boon Keng MRT (NE9) Walk 11 mins from Exit A


Driving Direction:

Drive along SERANGOON ROAD from city towards the CTE/PIE expressway entrance.
Turn left into St Michael’s Road just before the bridge over Kallang river.

See [Map] for detail.