LNY Sanghika Dana

A traditional lunar new year event for alms offering to community of monks.

Celebrating on
13 Feb 2016

Basic Buddhism

Acquire comprehensive knowledge of Buddhism, mental skill and mind training.

New Course Started
10 Jan 2016

FPmeditation R
Basic Meditation

Learn, practice and understand meditation. Develop various mental skills for concentration and insight.

New Course Started
10 Jan 2016

FPSD RSutta Discussion

Study the words of the Buddha and discuss the meaning.

New Series Started
9 Jan 2016

FDYoga RMindful Yoga

Specially customised to regular meditators to strengthen and deepen physical and mental wellness.

New Semester Started
8 Jan 2016

FPGmeditation RGuided Meditation

Continue weekly group meditation practice with guidance and instructions.

Every Saturday
9.00am – 11.30am

FPDevotionPractice RDevotion Practice

Maha Satipathana Sutta Recitation for blessing, protection and reflection.

Every Sunday
4.30pm – 6pm